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Using Concrete Lincoln NE

using Concrete Lincoln NE

You’ll be delighted with the results of your new driveway, addition or other project when using a professional concrete contractor in Lincoln, NE. Humm & Sons Poured Concrete Lincoln NE company that has been in business since 1982 and has provided flatwork for residential customers. They are members of the Home Builders Association of Lincoln and on the Better Business Bureau Honor Roll. Humm & Sons Poured Concrete provides top-quality flatwork for commercial customers as well.

ICFs are foam blocks that are filled with concrete

Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICFs for short, are essentially hollow Lego blocks that are filled with concrete. They serve as a barrier between the building’s interior and exterior, insulating both simultaneously. The insulated concrete form stays in place throughout the curing process, and when the concrete is dry, it acts as an additional layer of insulation. Typically, ICFs are 16 inches tall and 96 inches long, but they can be made to fit almost any building shape and size.

TCW Construction

TCW Construction is a family owned and operated firm that started in 1977 as Tony’s Cement Works. The name reflects its roots. Since its beginning, the company has grown far beyond its original scope. In addition to its primary focus on paving roads and airports, TCW Construction has a ready-mix concrete plant and also holds the local franchise for Butler Buildings. Here are a few of the things that make TCW Construction a top choice for concrete work.

Humm & Sons Poured Concrete

Humm & Sons Poured Walls is a family-owned company that has been serving the community of Lincoln, NE, since 1982. The company provides concrete pouring for a variety of projects, including new foundations, storm shelters, retaining walls, driveways, and floors. Their expertise allows them to make any home improvement project a reality. To learn more about Humm & Sons, check out their website.

Hofmann Construction

If you are looking for a concrete contractor in the Lincoln, Nebraska area, you’ve come to the right place. Hofmann Construction LLC provides professional, high-quality concrete construction services. This Lincoln, Nebraska-based construction company has served homes and businesses throughout the community for over 15 years. Their experienced contractors are skilled at residential, commercial, and industrial concrete pouring. Their team also offers stenciling and colored concrete construction. Customers can benefit from this service if their property is within 30 miles of their HQ.

Ready Mixed Concrete Company

The Ready Mixed Concrete Company in Lincoln, Nebraska was founded in 1929 by George P. Abel, Sr. They were Nebraska’s first concrete supplier and one of the first in the nation. In 1929, they delivered concrete in dump trucks to construction sites in Lincoln, Nebraska. Today, they operate four plants in Lincoln and 21 state-wide. They have 150 trucks that provide concrete to construction sites in the Midwest. Here are some facts about Ready Mixed Concrete Company in Lincoln, Nebraska.