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The Beauty of Persian Rugs

Iranian rugs

The art of Persian rugs reached a zenith during the reign of the Safavids in the sixteenth century. There are approximately 1500 quintessence of Safavid era rugs kept in special collections of museums around the world. The Persian king Shah Abbas encouraged trade with Europe and asserted his mercantilization through the formation of a royal carpet looming workshop. He encouraged talented craftsmen to create spectacular rugs.

The traditional method of making Iranian rugs is over 2000 years old. It is very difficult to produce a fine rug using these ancient methods of weaving. People spend months hand-weaving each rug. This method also doesn’t pay well – they usually don’t make enough to live on. This is why you should only buy Persian rugs if you can afford them. If you’re looking for a great looking, high quality rug, you should consider Persian rugs.

In Iran, there are several regions that produce high quality rugs. Some areas are famous for producing exceptional pieces, while others are known for producing mass-produced items. While Iran has many types of carpets, each has its own distinct style. While some Persian rugs are made of wool, a lot of them are made of synthetic materials. If you’re looking for an exceptional rug, make sure to purchase one that’s handmade in a rural area.

Despite the embargo, Iranian rugs are still in high demand and can be purchased at a reasonable price. In fact, the prices of Iranian rugs are rising every year. Despite the high demand, the price of these Persian rugs is still a fair reflection of the high quality of the work. If you’re looking for a rug, be sure to consider this in 2006. And remember, the price you pay depends on the quality of the rug you’re purchasing.

The Persian rugs of Tabriz are among the most beautiful rugs in the world. The Persian rug industry is thriving and there are several regions with a unique style of woven rugs. You can also find a carpet by region by using search engines like Google. Choosing an area of Iran that produces a rug that suits your tastes will help you make the right choice. The resulting Iranian rugs are truly beautiful and will last for a long time.

There are several styles of Iranian rugs. The Isfahan rugs are made with high-quality wool from New Zealand and Australia. They are floral and have high knot counts. The rugs of Nain are also considered to be among the finest in the world. If you’re looking for a rug of the highest quality, they’re worth looking at. The colors and designs used in these motifs will give your home a luxurious look.