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How Lone Worker Safety Solutions Benefit the Business

Lone worker safety solutions are critical to the health and well-being of employees that work alone, whether they’re a construction crew member, a delivery driver, a plumber or an electrician. Workers in these job roles are often in remote locations and are exposed to elevated risks when they’re working by themselves.

How Does a Lone Worker Safety Solution Benefit the Business?

Before implementing a lone worker safety solution, your organization must first identify what risks are associated with the specific role and location. You can do this by assessing the nature of the job, as well as the people, environment, and tasks that the individual will be performing. This can help you design an effective lone worker safety strategy and reduce employee turnover, as well as the associated costs.

In addition to identifying risk factors, you’ll want to develop a safety policy for each of your employees that covers lone worker safety procedures and standard operating procedures. This can include things like the need for employees to check in with a supervisor on their arrival and departure from work sites, reporting suspicious activities, ensuring that a safety plan is in place for when they are working alone, and so much more.

Once you have your safety policy in place, you’ll need to train lone workers on how to use their lone worker safety device. Some devices have a panic button or GPS location capabilities to alert responders of the lone worker’s location. Others are designed with a specific safety function in mind, such as allowing the lone worker to send discreet panic alerts or record voice notes.

A lone worker safety solution can also provide your organization with a host of other features that can streamline the lone worker safety process. For example, a system that provides GPS location information can enable you to monitor and respond to missed check-ins, emergencies and man down situations quickly and easily.

Moreover, some lone worker safety solutions allow you to customize your lone worker monitoring system to meet your unique needs and policies. This makes them ideal for organizations that need a comprehensive, customized system or those that have specific requirements for their lone worker safety programs.

Another key feature that lone worker safety solutions offer is the ability to track and monitor employee activity in real-time, giving you and your employees peace of mind at all times. You’ll have access to a dashboard that allows you to see where your workers are at any time and how they are doing in the field.

Some lone worker safety solutions can also be linked to your company’s existing communication and asset tracking systems. This enables you to integrate a lone worker safety solution with your current processes, making it easy to implement across the entire organization.

The best lone worker safety solutions can be integrated into a comprehensive platform that enables you to manage your employees’ activities and store historical data in one simple, user-friendly dashboard. This can save your organization time, money, and effort as it relates to human resources tasks, bookkeeping, information management, and government compliance.