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Advantages of Buying Used Lasers For Sale

Laser equipment is a substantial capital investment. It can take years to start turning a profit from it and then it depreciates quickly, making it expensive for many cosmetic treatment clinics to acquire. Purchasing used lasers for sale can save you up to 60% or more of the cost of new equipment. The savings you make can allow you to purchase additional laser devices and expand your treatments for patients and clients, helping you increase business.

You can buy a used Lumenis laser for sale from MedPro Lasers, a leader in minimally-invasive energy-based aesthetic equipment and solutions for the Surgical, Ophthalmology and Aesthetic markets. Their Lumenis lasers are Blue Dot Certified, meaning they undergo a rigorous 20 point inspection and refurbishment process to meet or exceed original manufacturer specifications. This ensures your pre-owned laser is going to fire like new guaranteed.

In addition to being much cheaper than a new device, a pre-owned laser can often be delivered more quickly than a new one, saving you time and money. Additionally, a used cosmetic laser will typically have been inspected and maintained by experienced technicians, which can give you peace of mind that the machine is in excellent condition and ready to go to work for you.

Another advantage of buying a Used Laser For Sale is the fact that older models are more likely to have been thoroughly tested and approved by the FDA, meaning that they will be safer to use than newer devices. This can be especially important for certain laser treatments such as hair removal, where a higher level of safety is paramount.

Finally, a used laser can also be cheaper to service than a new one. This is because the parts and components of older models are more familiar to repair shops, which can cut down on repairs and maintenance costs significantly.

xTool D1 Pro has various safety features including instant stop on flame and motion detection. Its 4-way limit switches prevent extreme movement of the laser module and help position it along X and Y axes. It is compatible with EZCAD2 and LightBurn software. Its engraving power is 2W and can engrave on different materials.

You can purchase a used laser for sale from an authorized reseller, such as BiMedis. This is a safe way to ensure that you are getting the right machine and that it will be backed by a warranty. Beware of buying from unreliable dealers, who are often not authorized to sell any type of laser.

Aside from being an essential piece of equipment for an aesthetic treatment facility, a used laser can help you grow your business by expanding your services and treating more patients in the same amount of time. A good laser can also increase your revenue by allowing you to treat more patients per day. However, it is essential to have proper training to ensure that your staff understands how to properly operate the device. In addition to this, it is necessary to follow a thorough checklist to avoid any mistakes while operating the laser.